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Overwatch League video erases the UK


The leavers got their way, and the British Isles have vanished from the face of the planet. That’s at least according to a new Blizzard video announcing the new teams joining the Overwatch League for season two.

The video announces eight new teams. There are three in China: Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Guangzhou. There’s a new Paris team. There are four North American teams, based in Toronto, Washington D.C., Vancouver, and Atlanta.

But the global map in the background has a notable absence: England simply doesn’t appear.

Sure, it’s a stylized map, and there are other island states that aren’t represented. Sri Lanka, for instance, has sunk into the sea off the Indian coast. And even though OWL is announcing the formation of a new Canadian team based in Vancouver, Vancouver Island doesn’t exist on the OWL map. I guess the ferries to Victoria will have to find new destinations.

But it’s perhaps a little weird that the home country of Overwatch’s latest league champions, the London Spitfire, doesn’t even show up on the map. London is a kind of a well-known place, right? And hey, Tracer has that absolutely lovely accent.

Here’s the tweet, in case you want to check your geography skills against Blizzard’s:

Season Two is promising to be pretty dramatic, and that’s even compared to the first season, which London Spitfire won and the Shanghai Dragons managed to go 0-40.