adds match replays to Overwatch, so you can relive all those cheesy Road Hog hooks

What you see before someone clicks randomly during Dragonblade

It’s one of the most-requested features by the Overwatch community, but it’s still “officially” absent from the game., a gameplay recording platform, is aiming to fix that by adding new features to its Overwatch integration, including replays.

Get the latest news from BlizzCon 2016 by following our tag.’s Overwatch integration will enable you to:

  • Watch full match replays;
  • View highlights on an annotated timeline, which automatically marks eliminations, deaths, resurrections and Play of the Game;
  • Share any of the highlights to, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and more;
  • Search’s library of Overwatch videos and sort by match, player skill rating, heroes, eliminations and other criteria to discover new videos of interest;
  • Find and follow other users based on skill rating, heroes played and more.

“With this integration, Overwatch players now get an easy to use replay system and a simple way to find the best moments from their games and share them”, says Dennis Fong, founder and CEO of “With thousands of Overwatch clips shared daily on, fans will find a near endless amount of entertaining, high-skilled clips for their favourite heroes.”

Overwatch isn’t the first game to receive these features, which calls ‘Automated Highlights’. They are also available for League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League and Dota 2, with more game integrations planned.

Of course, are stepping up because Blizzard haven’t themselves built fully-fledged replays into their game, but they know you want it. Back in June, about three weeks after the game’s launch,Jeff Kaplan respondedto a forum enquiry on the subject, saying “we know how badly players want the feature” and explaining that the engine actually supports it, but that it needs a lot of work before it’s ready to roll out to the public, and thus is not on the near horizon.

So, for a while at least, is your best bet, and they have good timing. BlizzCon kicks off today and will play host to the Overwatch World Cup, in which eight teams from around the world will battle it out for national pride.

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