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Overwatch players love the new Mercy skin, but want another character

Overwatch's new OWL Legendary skin for Mercy, Royal Knight, has been a hit with players, but many simply wish it had been for a different character

Overwatch OWL Legendary Royal Knight Mercy skin on Eichenwalde

While the new Overwatch League Legendary skin, Royal Knight Mercy, is one of the game’s best skins for a while, some were hoping that a different character would be getting a new OWL cosmetic.

If there’s one thing Overwatch fans love, it’s a cool skin. Given that Blizzard has pivoted away from new skins in 2022 and are instead focusing on changing up old ones for the Remix events, anything new is a blessing for fans of the iconic FPS game.

While there’s no fresh looks dropping until Overwatch 2, the title’s competitive sphere, the Overwatch League, continues to churn out new skins to keep players on their toes, charging 200 OWL tokens (obtained either by watching games or purchasing them via Battle.net) per skin.

For many, the latest addition to the OWL collection, Royal Knight Mercy, is worth the price, but others simply wanted to see a character that isn’t the Swiss healer get a new skin.

While some players were quick to add this shiny new look to Mercy’s wardrobe, others aren’t so keen. The Reddit thread showing off the support’s new look has garnered a decent amount of upvotes, but the comments prove how divisive the cosmetic has been.

“Pretty one. I like it,” writes one player, while another comments “I like metal armor, and I like Mercy, so I got it and love it.”

In contrast, some have taken issue with how bulky the skin is. “I really like metal armor with leather straps, but I feel like this looks a little too busy. There are 2 different reds for the textiles. There is some exposed leg for no reason. That combined with the gold piping on the armor makes it look like a salad with just too many ingredients.”

“The staff is SO BIG when damage boosting it can genuinely block a full enemy player,” responds another.

One of the recurring queries, though, is the idea that Mercy has been given yet another OWL skin. Boasting an All-Stars skin and the Overwatch League Gray skin, she has more OWL cosmetics than most other heroes.

“Really cool one but who asked for a second OWL Mercy skin – there are different characters ya know,” one fan states, while another laments “never thought they would give a hero a second OWL skin this fast, really disappointed.”

Love it, hate it, or wish it was on a different character; Royal Knight Mercy is here to stay. If you’re looking to play her in Overwatch 2, though, you’ll need to contend with some pretty hefty nerfs and her insane new ‘super jump.’