Overwatch Sigma: abilities, weapons, and counters for the astrophysicist tank

Sigma is Overwatch’s next barrier tank, so here’s how his abilities work and how to use him

Overwatch hero 31, Sigma, has joined Blizzard’s quirky collection of heroes, but what abilities does he have? Our Dutch astrophysicist is a tank, but, more specifically, a barrier-tank. That means he joins Reinhardt, Orissa, and Winston in having the ability to shield his allies from danger. In Sigma’s case, he has a deployable shield that he can angle as he choses.

Sigma in Overwatch hails from the Netherlands and was a promising astrophysicist. Then an experiment went wrong and gave him the power to harness gravity. Following the incident, Siebren de Kuiper was kept under captivity and given the code name ‘Subject Sigma’. Once Talon learned of his powers, however, the terrorist group broke him out and manipulated him to its own ends.

There’s a lot going on with Overwatch’s Sigma, and you’ll likely be seeing more of him as he has gone live, meaning he’s now up for selection in normal and ranked games. To that end, this guide will go over Sigma’s abilities, weapons, and his foils so you will be prepared when you bump into him.


  • Ability One: Experimental Barrier – Sigma propels a floating barrier to a location of his choosing. He can recall the barrier at any time
  • Ability Two: Kinetic Grasp – stops incoming projectiles in mid air, converting them into shields
  • Ability Three: Accretion – gathers a mass of debris and flings it at an enemy to knock them down
  • Ultimate: Gravitic Flux – Sigma manipulates gravity to lift nearby enemies into the air and slam them back down

Sigma is quite slow but he makes up for it with his abilities. Thanks to his Experimental Barrier he can hold down choke points, and protect his squishier teammates. He’s a great combo character, too, as his Accretion and Gravitic Flux abilities leave enemies primed for a big attack. Team up with a Pharah and you’ll have a good time.


  • Primary: Hyperspheres – Sigma launches two gravitic charges, which bounce off walls and implode after a short duration, damaging enemies within a sizable radius

Sigma’s weapon is the weakest part of his kit: it’s relatively situational, and the range is minimal. That said, if you can hit a few enemies, you’ll prime them nicely for someone to swoop in and finish them off.


Sigma doesn’t have a great deal of mobility, and he’s ideally suited to staying with his team and bolstering an area. So, any hero who can force him out of his comfort zone is likely to have some joy.

Depending on the team comp you’re running, Roadhog is a decent shout if you can land a hook on Sigma and really force him out of his comfort zone. With the new Overwatch role-lock system coming into play dive comps may also come back, which provides another good option.

And there you have it, Overwatch Sigma’s abilities, weapons, and counters detailed. If you’re itching to try him out, all you have to do is log onto Overwatch and, so long as everything is updated, pick him before someone else does.