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Overwatch's latest cinematic explains why Soldier: 76 hates glow-in-the-dark skulls

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Just over a day until Overwatch releases to the world, Blizzard begin the final countdown with another cinematic trailer, this time centred on all-American hero Jack Morrison AKA Soldier: 76.

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The trailer expands on the current day-to-day activities for the former leader of Overwatch, the original squad of heroes tasked with saving the world from something or other.

It seems the big hero now spends his time in El Dorado beating up small-time gang members and saving pocket money of brats who don't want to curb-stomp a dumb robot.

More lore and backstory is on the way for Overwatch throughout its release as graphic novel First Strike is set to be completed this year and there are still several characters waiting for the cinematic trailer treatment.

Overwatch releases at midnight May 24 GMT, and the equivalent time across the globe, so our American friends in the past technically get it a day earlier. We'd call them lucky but that Trump thing is still happening over there, so...

Anyway, here's your trailer about an old man and some glow-in-the-dark facepaint connoisseurs:

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AnAuldWolf avatarGreen Taylor avatarLisalisa avatarPussymeister avatar
Green Taylor Avatar
1 Year ago

Keep your political activist struggles out of my game, nobody wants it here besides other fanatics and whackos who constantly want to bully people into accepting their terms.

You guys have ruined Ghostbusters 3 already for millions of people, didn't you learn that the mass majority will NOT take your preaching with open arms? I'm going to enjoy seeing this movement go down in flames like the Temperance movement did - under the power of an ignored and disgruntled mass majority.

So sick of you people, can't stand to even tolerate your movement anymore because of how it forces itself on anywhere and anything.

Lisalisa Avatar
1 Year ago

@AnAuldWolf appears to have delved into the dictionary of buzzwords and emerged a scholar of nothing important. From making the baseless claim of the developers being psychotic, to delving into the largely irrelevant idea of "alpha males" (seriously, no one thinks like this nor took that from this video. They appear to be consuming media in a, to say the least, aberrant manner).

Critique of media is a good thing, but critique which appears to be coming from a, to be frank, deluded world view should be discredited. @Green Taylor makes similar errors of thought by immediately associating their critique with a section of people they may very well not be associated with. Take of the lenses, people.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Couldn't have been a boy in a compromising position, could it? There's just so much about the tone of Overwatch that's skeevy to me. It's a dumb power fantasy aimed at straight males, obviously, with the characters being divided between machismo-pumped protectors and 'waifus,' but there's something really unsettling beneath the surface.

It's a sort of special disrespect for women, a male-focused view of the world where women exist to be objectified, to be 'waifus,' or to be saved by muscle-men. Not even young girls can escape it.

It's why I could never play this.

Overwatch doesn't even have one Reyna, and that's a problem for me. Reyna is a self-assured, confident, bawdy momma-bear who isn't going to take anyone's shit, and she's incredibly body positive despite being chubby. Compare that to Mei, who only looks chubby because she's in a giant coat. Under that coat she's just hourglass and a tiny bit voluptuous, but not even slightly overweight. There's been a lot of extrapolative artwork showing that. And it just doesn't sit well with me.

It's the kind of mindset that creates 'alphas,' 'betas,' and whatever the hell else. I don't know if I've told you this story, but the view of wolves originally was completely wrong. It was through an extraverted lens of wolves in captivity. And more recent studies of wolves in the wild have shown that they're nothing like that. The 'alpha wolf' is a myth.

So what do people like that do? They take the term for themselves. They see the 'alpha status' as a domineering one where they lord over people, they take what they want, they do what they want, with whomever they want. It's like a repressed modern day Mongol, you know? Like there's a livid psychosis beating beneath that veneer of civility. And why do 'alphas' act civil at all? Even an 'alpha' is afraid of safety in numbers, and of the law, it's what keeps them in check.

So the whole 'alpha' thing is just a fantasy, a lot of bullshit bravado about how these people can supposedly lord over people, and use women as sexual objects whenever they want, proving their superiority. I hate that. You'd think these idiots would've got the memo when the 'theory' of alphas amongst wolves was disproven. But that's not happening. And that's because the whole 'alpha' thing was always projection.

We were projecting onto wolves how some humans are, just questionable wannabe barbarians who have very, very insane views of the world. I've met one too many an extravert who just wants to star in his own Frank Frazetta painting. And that's whom Overwatch is aimed at.

On the flipside, Battleborn (not by way of comparison, I just want to mention this) has Oscar Mike and El Dragon perform a parody of that in one of the trailers. It's hilarious because the buff guy is locked around the leg of a more sleek, slender man. That's because the Battleborn designers aren't insecure, they aren't unsure of their masculinity.

And that's what an 'alpha' is. An insecure creature, completely unconvinced of his own masculinity to the point where he absolutely needs to convince you to believe it just so that he can enjoy it vicariously. A small, afraid thing that has dreams of being an axe-wielding √úbermensch, ready to pillage and rape without concern, reason, or empathy.

And there's a lot of that sort of tone to Overwatch, as if the designers are all 'alphas.' I can't play that. I just can't. It's not that Overwatch is a bad game or anything, you know? It's fine. It's an average arena shooter with a slightly messy and obfuscated UI. That's great. It's just the whole tone of the world, the characters, and everything that gets to me.

And this kind of power fantasy in this video? It's just that all over. It's a little girl being saved by a big, manly 'alpha' so that she'll be fantasising about and fetishising him for the rest of her life. Which is what the 'alpha' wants to believe in the depraved sorts of fantasies they have. It's unfortunate.

With a different group (less psychotic) of creative designers, Overwatch could have been something brilliant. It really could have. But Blizzard, sadly, has always gone beyond sexism and misogyny to a darker place entirely which, frankly, terrifies me. It really is unfortunate.

I'd like to play Overwatch, it's my kind of game (I love silly team-based shooters), but as it is? Well, just compare the gender-swapped TF2 mods on GameBanana with the characters of Overwatch.

In fact, here, let me link you the sniper lady.


They even gave her the kind of teeth that someone who's sick of braces and nonsense ideas of beauty has. I've seen people with teeth like that. Not bad teeth, just not perfectly aligned. She's confident, she's self-assured, she's got a positive view of herself, and she isn't there purely to be eye-candy for the creepiest group of men to have existed since otakus (possibly creepier).

Overwatch could've been like that. Again, it really is just super unfortunate. So, instead, I'll just continue to play TF2. And if I want to play a TF2 that isn't a sausage fest, then I can just use the really cool mods from GameBanana.

Here's the rest of them:


I just wish Overwatch could've been like that. A game for everyone, rather than just skeevy otaku-ites.

Pussymeister Avatar
1 Year ago

*cough* Zayra *cough*