Top Zarya player forced to prove she’s not an Overwatch cheat following accusations from rival pros


There’s a 17-year-old woman in Korea who’s so good at playing Zarya in Overwatch that she recently had to prove she wasn’t cheating. Seeing her in action is quite something. 

Be warned: watching her play might make you never want to even bother with anything from our list of PC’s best multiplayer games again.

As Zarya,Geguryboasts aKDA of 6.31 and winrate of eighty-percent, with 420 games played. Go have a look at her stats over on that link – they’re just incredible.

These performances started to catch attention in scrims and tournaments, with some rivals eventually accusing her of hacking. One reportedly resorted to threatening to turn up at her house with a knife if she was found to be cheating.

After winning the qualifiers for the Nexus Cup and defeating all of the Korean powerhouse teams, Gegury was reported to Blizzard Korea by the opposing team.

Blizzard have since come out in defense of Gegury, saying that she’s been found to not be cheating. Two of the rival pros that accused her, ELTA and Strobe from Dizziness, have since retired, as they bet their Overwatch careers on Gegury being a cheat. Strobe is the one who thinks death threats are fine, according to this Reddit thread.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, see Gegury in action in this video (skip to 5:25 for the action to start):