Minecraft meets Kill Bill in Paint the Town Red


Paint the Town Red might share Minecraft’s blocky aesthetic, but it actually has more in common with that scene from Kill Bill – you know, the one where The Bride murders everyone. 

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Paint the Town Red a first-person voxel brawler that lets you use anything in the environment to inflict damage on the fully destructible character models. Heads can be caved in with a punch, bodies can be booted through wooden railings, people can be splatted by some sort of satellite cannon, limbs can be detached – it looks like sadistic fun.

You can dynamically slice, dismember and ragdoll your enemies across six different locations and time periods, including desperate bar fights, shiny disco brawls, old west saloon scraps, frat house fisticuffs and more.

Paint the Town Red enters Steam Early Access tomorrow. You can check out the madcap release trailer here:

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