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Paladins: Champions of the Realms trailer breaks down Hi-Rez's new multiplayer shooter

Paladins trailer

Paladins: Champions of the Realm (let’s just call it Paladins, shall we?) is Hi-Rez’s newest project, announced last month. 

Like Smite, seemingly taps into what’s popular right now with a wee twist. In their MOBA, it was bending the formula around a third-person action game; in Paladins, they’re adding cards and deck building to a team-based FPS. 

It looks pretty nifty.

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While the deck building, particularly the fact that you can get a card mid-game that might inspire you to change your build, has more than piqued my interest, I can’t help but worry that the art style is going to make Paladins a bit hard to notice. 

In an effort to get away from the grimdark aesthetic of yesteryear, it seems like every developer and their mum is trying to put out games that all look like they are based on the same non-existent cartoon. Overwatch, WildStar, Atlas Reactor, Battleborn and now Paladins -- they all seem to blend into one game, visually at least.

Here’s hoping the mechanics make that easy to overlook.  

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Jenks avatarFlappers avatarunwanted avatarOmali avataroliswis avatar
Jenks Avatar
2 Years ago

I agree completely about the art. When you combine it with the moba "wacky characters that have nothing to do with each other!" characters I bounce right off it.

Flappers Avatar
Flappers(1 day 14 hours played)
2 Years ago

Inb4 "how long till they drop this game too"

Thing is with Hi-Rez... although they are infamous for dropping games in favour of others, they always seem to target "what's popular" at the time.

They remind me of Game Dev Studio. Where it gives you a kinda What's-Hot and if you make a game in the genre that's popular at that time, then you get boosted rewards.

Hi-Rez... take Tribes, it was released while FPS's were still hot. Black Ops was out that year, and was being heavily advertised during the release cycle of Tribes. Not to mention, it was shortly after BF3's release date, as well as Planetside 2!

Then came Smite, released while DOTA and LoL are all the rage. To be fair they had relative success with that game, even with a very competitive market. So hats off to them for that.

And then there is this. Overwatch is another Blizzard game which a lot of people are looking forward to. Not because it's a FPS... but because it's Blizzard trying something new... and as we all know, Blizzard polishes their games well.

With the Overwatch hype, Hi-Rez have jumped on that bandwagon with this game... the graphics and art style are VERY similar.

They are sort of predictable in this sense.

Will they drop Smite to work on this? No. Smite makes them a lot of money compared to Tribes and Global Agenda (man, I miss that game so much). So to drop that game would be suicide for Hi-Rez, both financially as well as their reputation being tarnished.

How long will they support this game? It really depends on how much money it brings them.

Looking at releases, I'm predicting it won't go so well for them in the long run. When you have a choice between this, and Blizzard's Overwatch, what are the masses going to be spending their money on?

You guessed it...

I look forward to trying this game out, but if Overwatch comes out soon, then they are going to have some very heavy competition. Even with their innovative card system, I don't think it will sway things too much in their favour.

I think it really depends on their business model and the updates. If they can offer essentially the full unlocked game for $20 like with Tribes and Smite, then it might just about survive

unwanted Avatar
2 Years ago

I almost typed that about Hi-Rez, but decided against it. lol

Who's going to leave TF2 for these TF2 clones? I'm sure people are going to try them but I doubt any of them will get the long success TF2 is still having. This game doesn't stand a chance because of that and people not wanting to get invested in a game where Hi-Rez could drop it at any time.

Omali Avatar
Omali(3 hours played)
2 Years ago

Actually they dropped Tribes and Global Agenda because both games were commercial failures, but the servers for both games continue to run at a loss in spite of that. Lost somewhere in the realm of $30 million of the CEO's own finances. Smite is making enough profit that they recently announced that development would resume on Tribes using those funds.

And yes, it has to do with money. No company is going to continue to support a market failure.

Flappers Avatar
Flappers(1 day 14 hours played)
2 Years ago

I take it you didn't bother reading what I wrote?

oliswis Avatar
2 Years ago

It's really good I always love to play video'm seeing each update desire to play :3