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Smite studio Hi-Rez launch their hero shooter, Paladins, into open beta

Paladins open beta

If you want to play that hero shooter with the mech, the quick character with the bow, the large dude with the holographic-looking shield or the tubby guy with a grappling hook and a shotgun, now’s your time, as Paladins is now in open beta. 

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Paladins has been in closed beta for a while, but it’s finally opening up to everyone else. Hi-Rez are known for long testing periods, with their MOBA, Smite, in beta for nearly two years before being launched. Hi-Rex say this is because they have a different outlook when it comes to betas.

“For many developers, beta is about finding bugs or more often marketing,” Todd Harris, COO and co-founder of Hi-Rez Studios, tells PCGamesN. “For Hi-Rez, beta is about working with the community to actually shape and improve the game. In the case of Paladins we’ve experimented with various card systems, game-modes, and map layouts, surveying our community throughout because the game has changed a lot. But thanks to that closed beta process and community feedback, we feel we’ve crafted something special.”

Paladins looks very similar to other hero shooters, but Hi-Rez say the differences are in the systems, like how you customise your character via collectable cards. “Take your favourite team shooter and imagine using cards to customise your champion further around a specific playstyle, to better complement your team, or to better counter an enemy,” explains Harris. “That’s depth we think players will appreciate.”

The Paladins open beta is live now on Steam for free, and the game will be free-to-play when it gets a full release. Here’s the new trailer: