Panzer General Online enters closed beta. Want in? We’ve 200 codes to giveaway

panzer generals online

Panzer Generals Online is the series first foray into free-to-play. It reimagines the turn-based World War II tactical game as a wargame being played out with models on a tabletop and it looks a little fab.

Ubisoft don’t want to dive in at the deep end, though, and are running a closed beta to collect feedback on the series’ shift.

You want to be part of that beta? Well we’ve got the keys to let you in.

There’s a singleplayer campaign which goes through historic battles and also multiplayer skirmishes for those that look to destroy other peoples’ confidence in their ability to command.

A card trading system’s been added, too. It lets you build a hand that will compose your special abilities and platoon makeup.

We’ve 200 codes to giveaway to the first folk to message us through our Facebook page. We send the keys out by hand so bear with us. Also, if you messaged us a joke it would make the whole process delightful.


Once you get a code then head on over to the game’s portal (it’s all played through your browser) and click the “Register Now” button. From there just follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.