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Paradigm is a point-and-click adventure featuring a candy-vomiting sloth


If Thimbleweed Park has reignited your love of classic graphic adventures, you can continue pointing at things and clicking on them in Paradigm, a new game that draws masses of inspiration from Lucasarts’ heyday. 

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Paradigm is the story of the titular character, the ‘ugliest protagonist in gaming’ according to developer Jacob Janerka. A mutant growing up in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of future eastern Europe, Paradigm must explore the harsh world of 2026 and solve its many surreal puzzles. We’re talking a world where dial-up is back in fashion, a glam metal cult is at large, and drug addicts are looking to hook up with toasters. Yup, the spirit of late 1990s adventure games is truly with this one.

Acting as Paradigm’s antagonist is an evil sloth who also happens to be a genetically engineered living candy machine. No, we’ve not a clue what’s going on either.

Should this strange world be something you’d like to dive into (a safer alternative to LSD, perhaps?), then you can pick it up on Steam from April 5. Might possibly be worth booking a psychiatric evaluation for after you’ve completed it, though.