Paradox announce Magicka: Wizard Wars


A few minutes ago, our Paul noted that the newly announced Wizard Wars features ‘4×4 wizards’, which sounds more like something original series developers Arrowhead might incorporate into their new game, the ‘80s action film riffing Showdown Effect. Of course, I then realised that he’d said ‘4v4’, as in versus. But I don’t think that’s any less exciting, do you?

Magicka: Wizard Wars is the game’s first proper sequel, and is in development at the publisher’s new Paradox North studio. Here’s its box art:


No release date has been announced as yet, nor any further facts divulged. But you’ll find a charming play on one of Game of Thrones’ more memorable scenes in the trailer below.

What would you like to see in a new Magicka? A recent, aborted PCGamesN session proved that the original still plays host to plenty of bug traps and glitchfalls for those foolish enough to dare attempt play it online, so it’ll be nice to do away with all that.

Thanks, Game Informer.