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Paradox Development Studio gets sentimental; Runemaster footage shown off

Paradox documentary

Paradox Development Studio is getting a wee bit sentimental in its old age. The Swedish studio has put together a short documentary detailing its history, from creating the first Europa Universalis based on a board game to the surprising – but well deserved – success of Crusader Kings II. 

PDS head honcho Johan Andersson and his fellow devs chart the course of the developer, but it’s also forward facing. Dan Lind talks about the upcoming Hearts of Iron IV, which we got to check out earlier this year along with Runemaster, some new footage and concept art of which has also been smuggled into the documentary. 

It’s still a bit strange seeing Runemaster, a fantasy RPG, among all of these map n’ menu grand strategy affairs. But Andersson explains that PDS isn’t just a grand strategy studio, it could develop games in any genre that takes its fancy. And right now, that’s roleplaying games.

I’m certainly ready to be surprised. I saw an early build back in January, but it was so early on that the combat wasn’t ready to be shown off, and that makes up a significant chunk of the game.