Check out this fan-made poster celebrating 21 years of Paradox grand strategy games

Every major release and expansion on one sacred timeline, for your viewing pleasure

A zoomed out shot of CK3's political map

As Paradox Interactive’s current CEO – Ebba Ljungerud – steps down and old CEO Fredrick Wester retakes the reins, strategy fans are reminiscing about the company’s history. User toco_tronic on the ParadoxPlaza subreddit has created a poster that maps out all of the grand strategy games the company is known for.

Starting with the original Europa Universalis back in 2000, and ending with Victoria 3 – release date to be confirmed – this poster includes a whopping 91 entries, covering major releases, accompanying expansions, and DLC. The poster only focuses on games made by Paradox Interactive’s internal grand strategy team. This group has always been known informally as Paradox Development Studios, but it wasn’t spun out as an official, separate studio until 2012.

There are a couple of exceptions and edge cases, for example the early grand strategy games were published under the name Paradox Entertainment, and missing are some early projects from before Paradox became its own independant company. Not every piece of EU4 DLC or CKII add-on has been counted either, but the core of the studios’ release history is represented. Spin-off projects such as Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron game, also weren’t made directly by Paradox and have been excluded.

Toco_tronic has made the poster available for download in PDF form, as well as desktop wallpapers up to 3840 x 2160 in size. The thread even features an image of the poster printed out and mounted in a frame.

I made a timeline poster of all Paradox Games /w DL Links from paradoxplaza

Ljungerud isn’t the only person stepping down – Hearts of Iron IV game director Dan ‘Podcat’ Lind is also stepping down to work on a new project, which he’s confirmed isn’t Hearts of Iron 5. What it actually is we won’t know until Paradox is ready to announce. He’s been replaced by Imperator: Rome’s former game director, Peter ‘Arheo’ Nicholson.

Known upcoming projects from Paradox’s grand strategy studios include Victoria 3, Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back, and Crusader Kings III’s Royal Court expansion.