Humble’s Paradox Bundle has Stellaris, Imperator: Rome, and more for cheap

There are some strategy greats up for grabs for cheap right now - but be quick

Great deals on some of the best PC games just keep coming this week. The Epic Games Store Summer Sale 2020 is in full swing, offering a bunch of action-adventure gamesbuilding games, and RPG games for less, this week’s free Epic Store games are live, and now there’s a new Humble Bundle packed with some of publisher Paradox Interactive’s biggest and best titles, too.

The Best of Paradox Humble Bundle is jam-packed with goodies from the strategy games scene, for example in the first tier of the bundle – which you pay just £0.78 / $1 to unlock – features grand strategy title Europa Universalis IV.

Plus, for that amount you’ll also get access to another of the publisher’s big 4X games: Warlock: Master of the Arcane – Complete Edition, which includes the Armageddon, Return of the Elves, Master of Artifacts, Power of the Serpent, and Powerful Lords expansions. Also in tier one is 2014’s fantasy-strategy game, Age of Wonders III.

The second tier, which requires putting down more than the avergae amount of £5.75 / $7.28 to unlock, includes one of the best space games on PC, Stellaris, as well as the Victoria Collection, which comprises the Victoria I and II base games and a batch of DLC for the latter, and Necropolis: Brutal Edition.

Grab the Bundle

The third tier – accessible for a minimum of £9.44 / $12 – includes the 2016 story-driven RPG Tyranny and action-adventure title Battletech: Digital Deluxe Edition, while at the top end of the bundle (£13.37 / $17) you’ll be able to scoop up last year’s strategy-sim big hitter, Imperator: Rome. Sweet.

The bundle is full of “$353 worth of awesome stuff”, Humble says – but you’ll need to be quick if you want to grab it, as it ends in just less than two weeks’ time. Meanwhile, if you’re on the look out for some other goodies for even less, be sure to take a look at our lists of free PC games and free Steam games to see what else is out there.