Paradox to lock popular streamers in a big cage and force them to duke it out

Paradox hosts streamer grudge match

Purveyor of live bloodsports and underground fightclub organiser Paradox Interactive is gathering a slew of YouTube streamers in Miami this week, at the Paradox Convention. 

Angry Joe, NorthernLion, Quill18, EatMyDiction1, GassyMexican, lolRenaynay, Force, Shibby2142, Machinima Realm, RageGaming, Generation Hollow and other will be forced to battle each other in War of the Vikings and Wizard Wars on January 24th, 5pm EDT, and you can watch them slaughter each other on Paradox’s Twitch channel

Tim, Rob and I are also going to be there, so hopefully we’ll be able to peak our heads in and get sprayed with some blood. Maybe we’ll be able to bring back a dismembered limb or two as a memento.

The first match, at 5pm, will be a 4 vs 4 affair in Wizard Wars, where Paradox will also be showing off a brand new, previously unseen game mode followed by War of the Vikings at 5:45pm.

Having played quite a bit of both games, I suspect that Wizard Wars will be the most entertaining to watch given the ease with which one can mistakenly (or not at all mistakenly) murder an ally. The abundance of exploding wizards and farm animals should also be a hoot.