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Epic Games have introduced the ability to create game worlds in VR to Unreal 4

Unreal 4 VR editor

The ability to edit and create virtual reality games while inside VR comes to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine today for anyone to use, the company revealed during a GDC 2016 livestream.

Perhaps in the future, upcoming PC games will be created in VR.

Editing in Unreal Editor is designed as a one-to-one experience, with editors moving the world around them by pulling, pinching and twisting at the environment, zooming out and looming above it, even pulling at scenery to climb up walls like Spider-Man. This is so designers don’t experience the weird disconnect felt by your body not doing what your mind thinks it is.

It’s the full Unreal 4 editor, too, so you can bring up all the menus, grab assets, plonk them down, and do all the other things you’d usually do when creating a scene. The differece is, you can immediately get to the level you need, seeing your creations from an entirely new perspective.

Whether Epic’s vision of how 3D content will be made in the future will catch on or not is one thing, but it’s definitely cool to witness.