New MOBA Paragon heads to Early Access in Spring, Epic talk lustrous virtual hair on Twitch


Paragon could well be the most Epic game I’ve ever seen. It’s got men in hulking robot suits, explosions so orange they’d burn your corneas, and of course it’s built on the most bleeding edge version of Unreal Engine 4 you could ever find.

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Epic’s new MOBA hits Early Access in Spring, with an open beta following in the Summer. Here’s a trailer from last week’s PlayStation Experience (yes, it’s also coming to PS4):

A few hours ago, some lovely devs at Epic sat down on Twitch (well, not physically) to discuss the tech and techniques that are going into making Paragon’s characters. Warning: click on that link and you’ll see virtual hair so detailed, it’s practically pornographic.

Epic promise its MOBA will deliver “explosive action, direct third-person control, and deep strategic choice.” I’d also wager dollars to circular baked goods that plenty a chiselled chin will also make the cut. Paragon is set to give players “an ever expanding roster of unique Heroes”, who you’ll be able to customise with special cards.

Given that Epic are all about DEM GRAPHICS, you can look forward to such fancy visual features as skin subsurface scattering (steady), new eye and cloth shading technology, parallax occlusion mapping, and something called capsule dynamic soft shadows. That last one does not sound like the friend of your GPU.

Like the look of what you see so far?