The whole lobby faces an hour wait if someone fails to pick a hero three times in Paragon’s draft


Epic have an aggressive way of dealing with people nipping off to the toilet during Paragon’s draft selection, penalising the entire lobby with increasingly long waiting times for every time it happens. 

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What this system does is kick all players into a new queue if someone fails to make a selection. So, for example, if someone picks your favourite hero and you’re a complete sociopath, you can just wait it out and force a new lobby, grabbing your favourite quickly once it switches across.

According to PCInvasion, the penalties are as follows:

  • 1st Dodge – 5 min
  • 2nd Dodge – 20 min
  • 3rd Dodge – 60 min, etc

Epic supplied them with the following statement: “We implemented it this way to avoid scenarios where players can dodge unfavorable comps with a ‘back up’ player or account that is not penalised and can hop in. While this may not happen all the time, we wanted to go forward with the design to reduce dodged lobbies and provide more matches for players.

“Our goal with implementing the Draft Lobby was to assist players in coordinating team compositions, there is an understanding that people may still be inclined to leave lobby maybe for malicious reasons or not. I am happy to explicitly state our penalty times, we will be releasing a more comprehensive blog post regarding our tools for dealing with AFK/Leavers/Toxicity in the future. The initial dodge will prompt players with a warning and then the penalties that are listed below will follow with each additional dodge.”

It seems a bit aggressive a way of dealing with it, as surely letting the odd multi-account draft dodger slip in would probably be more player-friendly. Obviously this is all subject to change, however, as the game is still in development, with an open beta due very soon. In fact, there are already some big changes heading to Paragon in time for the open beta

Paragon enters open beta on August 16.

Thanks, PCInvasion.