Paragon gameplay trailer reveals it’s a third-person shooter-MOBA, nobody surprised


Whoops, not sure how this one slipped under the great Radar Of News. At Playstation Experience, Epic managed to grab the final spot of the keynote conference to show off the shooter-MOBA Paragon they’ve been teasing for a couple of months. It’s third person, sci-fi styled, unreal pretty and the most confusing way I’ve seen a show like this end in some time.

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It’s not that Paragon is particularly awful looking, but at a conference that had highly anticipated sequels like Ni No Kuni 2 and actual gameplay footage of a Final Fantasy 7 Remake (a Final Fantasy 7 remake oh god), choosing yet another shooter-with-abilities for your sendoff is an odd choice. Particularly when you decide to show the above cinematic trailer rather than this gameplay footage from a later stream:

Still, it looks alright, and I’m interested to know more. They’re going the full MOBA route, rather than Overwatch and others’ nicking of the heroes bits but not so much the levelling up and creep-killing. Five vs. five on three lanes, with minions pushing towers to destroy cores is how the game defeines itself on the official site, with a card and deck based system supporting it all in some mysterious way. It’s going into paid Early Access in Spring, then open beta come Summer before, presumably, transitioning to a full F2P release.

It’s really hard not to have fatigue for this sort of thing. They’re not all identical by any means, but the past two years has debuted a series of very similarly-marketed hero-shooters including BattleCry (possibly now cancelled), Battleborn, Overwatch, LawBreakers, Paladins, Paragon and Gigantic. None are yet fully out, several are in beta, some will be paid releases, one is made by Blizzard and another has a single-player campaign, but they’ve all had the same message – it’s like those MOBA games everyone’s so into, but with shooting, yeah? That gets tiring.

I want to see how they all do, even if I’ve already planted my flag predictably in Blizzard’s offering, but if any more pop up I’m going to start forgetting names. You can sign up for access to Paragon and ‘unlock items’ – whatever that ends up meaning – via its website.