Paragon’s latest character has been revealed, and no, we still don’t know anything about the game

Paragon Dekker reveal

Another Paragon teaser has appeared from Epic Games, this time giving us a sneak peek at playable hero Dekker. What more is there to say? I’m not really sure, because Epic continues to drape Paragon in secrecy. 

Check out the teaser below. 

There you go then. She’s a lassie, that much we do know, and she’s definitely wearing an outfit designed by the artists at Epic, because it’s covered in random bits of tech, probably not practical, but definitely pretty cool.

Accompanying her character page, which provides bugger all information, is her motto. I mean, I think it’s her motto. Who knows? Anyway, it’s “clarity through chaos”, which is obviously a load of nonsense.

The way Epic is unveiling the game is really quite strange. For instance, it’s already advertising the beta, tempting people to sign up by offering in-game items that can be selected on the character pages – but none of this has any context. For instance, you can select ‘Fight for life’ which offers cooldown reduction and health on ability use… for a game we know next to nothing about.

Well, we know it’s a multiplayer shooter, because of course it’s going to be.

You can sign up for the beta here.