Pastebin data dump points to possible EA security breach – EA say there’s no evidence of breach


Security website CSO has been alerted to an apparent security breach by a concerned EA customer. The customer in question found their account details, including email address, account password, and games list in a post on Pastebin.

In a different kind of data leak, dataminers have uncovered all Star Wars Battlefront’s secrets.

On Thursday the customer got several password reset notifications from Skype and Dropbox. Soon after, they got an email from someone who spends their time alerting people to these kinds of hacks, and the email directed them to the Pastebin which contained around 600 accounts.

There is a possibility the information contained in the Pastebin was pulled from elsewhere, but it is strange how a list of EA games belonging to the person affected sat alongside their personal details.

It is worth noting that some of the datais redacted, or formatted incorrectly. However, it might be a good idea to change those passwords, just in case.

EA have issued the following statement:“Privacy and security is our top priority at EA. At this point, we have no indication that this list was obtained through an intrusion of our account databases.

“In an abundance of caution, we’re taking steps to secure any account that has an EA or Origin user ID that matches the usernames on this list. As always, we encourage all players to safeguard their account credentials and use unique usernames and passwords on all online accounts.”

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