Path of Exile 2 “definitely won’t be released this year”

Don't expect Path of Exile 2 to land until 2022, at least

Path of Exile 2 is coming, and we just got a major look at gameplay footage in the latest livestream from developer Grinding Gear Games. While that provided us with a big overview of act two and a selection of new weapon types, it also provided us with a disappointing confirmation: “Path of Exile 2 definitely won’t be released this year.”

In a Q&A session ahead of today’s livestream, GGG’s Chris Wilson explained that development on Path of Exile 2 is further behind than the team had hoped at this point in time, thanks in part to issues around the pandemic. Production speed is picking up, but development of content for the new campaign has not yet reached the halfway point.

Asked whether he was concerned about competition with POE2’s delayed release – after all, it’s starting to slide into that Diablo 4 release date window – Wilson said that growth in the space of action-RPG games is great for everyone in the genre, and that Diablo 4’s launch will be great for ARPGs as a whole.

For now, you can check out the new gameplay below.

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The Path of Exile 2 release date is quite some distance away, but hey, at least there’s PoE’s new league, Ultimatum, to look forward to in the immediate term.