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Path of Exile devs acknowledge “there are too many types of splinters”

Path of Exile: Expedition's currencies are getting some quality-of-life changes, but they're not shrinking in number

A group of Path of Exile characters stand ready for the Expedition update and its numerous currencies

Path of Exile‘s Expedition update just landed, and the response has been mixed so far. The devs have put out a post outlining some of the changes coming to the game, and provided responses to some of the most common points of criticism. There are a lot of currency items in Expedition, and Grinding Gear Games is confident that this works for the design of the current content, but more broadly they know “there are too many types of splinters in Path of Exile”.

Expedition has a total of twenty different currency items spread across four different vendors. Path of Exile has avoided gold systems for a variety of reasons, and spreading this many currency types around is intended to encourage players to spend time at different vendors and make more strategic decisions around their purchases.

“This results in twenty currency items for use at the vendors, which does feel like a lot,” the devs write. “However, because you can immediately stash them into the Expedition Locker after an encounter, the variety of currency types doesn’t really cause additional inconvenience. Regardless of whether we had one type, four types, or twenty types, you’d still have to pick up a few items and stash them.”

Players aren’t entirely convinced by that reasoning, complaining that having to stash so many currencies from an inventory already cluttered with other types of items is just annoying busywork.

Either way, the devs add that “we hear you. There are too many types of splinters in Path of Exile. We will be mindful of this for the design of future releases.”

For now, Expedition vendors are getting some quality-of-life improvements, so that vendor windows will show how many runed artifacts you currently have. Reroll currency for Rog, Tujen, and Dannig is also getting boosted.

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