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Path of Exile’s giant expansion The Awakening launches today

Path of Exile co-op

Grinding Gear Games is at the door! Here they come, waddling up to the news pipe with a cheeky grin. What is it? What have you got to tell us you cheeky little games developer?

Oh! They say that Path of Exile: The Awakening is launching today. It’s the biggest and best and broadest and boldest expansion the RPG has yet played host to, introducing a raft, nay a glut, of new content for you to stick your face right into.  

This is not simply just the fourth act of the Path of Exile saga, implores the developer, but it rejuvenates and overhauls many of the Path of Exile fundamentals you’d come to take for granted.

“With a crazy new twist on the iconic Passive Skill Tree and numerous systems changes,” reads the press release, “this expansion has been internally dubbed Path of Exile Version 2.0.0.”

New areas allow you to explore beyond Highgate, while an entire army of legendary bosses can be found stomping about the place, waiting to be defeated. Your passive skill tree now has sockets, and all throughout the world you’ll find piles of new gear, equipment, weapons and items.

It is, make no mistake, rather a a big deal.

There’s a huge list of changes over on the official forum. Too many to share here, but do delve into it if you need some convincing that the RPG of 2013 has just been dusted off to within an inch of its life.

The expansion will be available to download today, Friday 10, at 8pm BST.