Pathologic is now called Pathologic 2 and it’s set to release in 2018

Pathologic 2

After being funded on Kickstarter back in 2014, developers Ice-Pick Lodge have been hard at work on their plague-themed horror Pathologic. To help them release it a little bit quicker, tinyBuild have come on board as publisher.

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With this partnership, Pathologic has received a name change. To stop fans confusing it with the original Pathologic Classic HD and its panoply of names, the game is now simply called Pathologic 2. TinyBuild are also changing Ice Pick Lodge’s approach to development, switching to an open development model which the publisher had previously used on the horror game Hello Neighbour.

As such, fans and Kickstarter backers will now receive regular builds of Pathologic 2 so they can offer feedback to help refine the game. The first alpha demo will be demoed during PAX West this weekend, with all Kickstarter backers receiving a copy if the demo goes down well with attendees.

This first build will feature a smaller version of Pathologic 2’s creepy plague town, along with a mix of current and prototype mechanics that fans can test out. Expect things to change quite drastically between each build, so be vocal if there is a particular mechanic you love or hate.

As for the actual plot of Pathologic 2, it sees players entering a town infected with a deadly disease. You’ve got 12 days to discover the source of this affliction while keeping yourself plague free. It’s up to you whether you save as many people as you can, attempt to cure the plague, or just look out for number one. You can be as ruthless or as benevolent as you want in Pathologic 2, but remember that the plague doesn’t care for morality.

If all goes to plan with this partnership, Pathologic 2 should launch in 2018.