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Paws, the Shelter game that flips the formula, is out tomorrow


Amid a slew of action games casting us in parental roles, Shelter hit the hardest by adopting the cutest coating - making us mother badger and forcing us to witness the worst happening to our cubs. A sequel swapped out badger for lynx, and this follow-up inverts the formula. We’re now a cub trying to find its way back to its mum. Loss is a theme again, but so is friendship.

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Here’s the latest trailer, although you’d better ignore the ‘Out Now’ at the close - Paws doesn’t show up on Steam til tomorrow.

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The verdict’s still out on the verse. But the quilt-like art style is lovely as ever, and there’s a wide-eyed feel to proceedings - lent by a perspective so close to the ground. There’s a new track-sensing ability, too.

Paws has been developed for Windows and Mac. Buy the expanded Pitter Patter edition and you’ll also get the soundtrack, composed by the returning Retro Family, plus a Shelter-themed interactive book named The Lonesome Fog. Think you might?

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icheyne avatar
icheyne Avatar
2 Years ago

I played Shelter with my daughter and she loved it but Shelter 2 was just too stressful for her.

It's a shame they don't try another topic. 3 games on the same theme and with the same engine is starting to look unimaginative.