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Huge new MMORPG Pax Dei finally launches in Steam Early Access

Pax Dei's Steam Early Access launch is here, as the new social interaction MMORPG sets out a year of post launch plans for players.

The Pax Dei early access launch is finally here, as the social-first MMO going up against the like of WoW, FF14, and RuneScape is now properly playable. With hundreds of square kilometers of map, a player-driven economy and society system, and a world populated by myth, it’s available on Steam now.

Channeling the core tenants of the biggest and best MMORPGs, there are two gameplay loops in Pax Dei: peaceful and adventurous. In the peaceful loop, you craft, build your own homestead, and gather resources; meanwhile, adventurers engage in both PvE and PvP, and explore the uncharted regions of Pax Dei’s 300 square kilometer world.

The world of Pax Dei is also rife with the stories we’ve been told as children. Myths are real, ghosts roam the land, and magic is as integrated into society as holding a pen. So while you’re building your picturesque family home, I’d watch out for any beasts snarling in the shadows behind the trees.

With a fully player-driven economy and a push for cooperation, here’s hoping Pax Dei stays true to its pitch and builds a positive community that rivals even Final Fantasy 14 – on a good day anyway.

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The economy isn’t the only thing dictated by players in Pax Dei, as the clothes, walls, food, flowers, weapons, armor, and materials you’ll need to thrive alone or with others in a clan require your own two hands.

There’s a lot on the way in Pax Dei early access as well, with Mainframe Industries setting out a roadmap for the MMO’s future. The homestead, adventure, and civilization aspects of the game will be massively overhauled and improved over the next year or so, with the below image already detailing what you can expect.

Pax Dei early access:

Pax Dei early access has now started as of Tuesday June 18 and should last around a year, you can get involved on Steam right here.

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