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New Steam MMO Pax Dei is the medieval adventure you need

Having turned over and over in the rumour mill for some time, Mainframe Industries has revealed its new Steam MMORPG Pax Dei, a medieval-inspired adventure.

New Steam MMO Pax Dei is the medieval adventure you need: A man wearing armour holding a spear fighting a huge, roaring brown bear in a forest

It’s no secret that Mainframe Industries has been cooking up something special in the background, but we’ve finally been introduced to Pax Dei, the developer’s upcoming Steam MMORPG.

Set in a the medieval ‘Dark Ages’ where magic and wonder run free, Pax Dei (Peace of God) is a world that’s far different from our own, and yet oh so very familiar.

“With Pax Dei, we’re inviting players to a Dark Age of wonder, where myths are real, ghosts exist, and magic is not questioned,” game director and Mainframe co-founder Reynir Hardarson states. “Pax Dei was
created for open-world play in the truest sense, and we can’t wait to see how players engage with our world and watch their stories emerge.”

Sounds good so far, right? Ghosts? Check. Magic? Check. That’s only the start, though, as the game promises “co-operative village building,” which will allow players to set up shop amid the safety of the Heartlands and grow their settlements out with friends. Player housing, check.

But what’s an MMO without good PvE and PvP content? Stray away from the Heartlands into the Wilderness and Mainframe promises that all kinds of mythological beasties await, specifically mentioning basilisks. The trailer below also shows what looks like some particularly ravenous, angry bears, so there’s those, too.

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At the core of Pax Dei is co-operation. A section on the official website explains that “everyone matters,” and that the game’s economy is “fully player-driven.” Even the trailer (entitled ‘Where We Belong’) emphasises teamwork and camaraderie – and I absolutely love it.

As someone who has played a lot of World of Warcraft, New World, and other MMOs, I continually gravitate back to Final Fantasy XIV because of just how good the community is. If Pax Dei stays true to its values and nudges its players in the right direction, I reckon Mainframe has a winner on its hands.

You can wishlist Pax Dei on Steam, and even sign up for Alpha testing via the official website if you’re feeling keen.

In the meantime, another Steam MMORPG called Gloria Victis has blown up in recent months, allowing you to scratch that medieval game itch in the meantime. Failing that, we have a list of all the best fantasy games, which are the perfect way to hype yourself up for Pax Dei.