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Payday 2 Armored Transport heist is today

Payday Armored Heist

Saddle up, fellow criminals, for that Armored Transport containing illusive riches beyond our wildest dreams is trundling into town today. That means we’ve got to strap on a mask that’ll cause even the hardest nut to lose control of his bladder and mow down a hundred police officers in the name of early retirement. 

What I mean to say, of course, is that the Armored Transport DLC for Payday 2 is out now, and you can buy it on Steam. 

The swish trailer offers a Michael Mann-like idea about what’s going on in this £4.99 package, but the website divulges all the nitty gritty plans. Alongside some new shooters, you’ll be able to don either classic hockey masks or the faces of presidential favorites Richard Frost/Nixon, Bill “I did not have sexy time with that lady” Clinton, George Double-V Bush, and Obamacare.

There’s two new heists to perform in six different locations, so that’s twelve unique new game sessions to play. If you fancy taking your life of crime to the next level, then you can pick it up here.