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Payday 2 Armored Transport DLC due tomorrow, free to PC pre-orderers

Payday 2

It’s far too late to pre-order Payday 2 now – but if you did, and put up with the crash-riddled release state of an otherwise ace co-op FPS, then this is your reward. A brand new heist, in which your crew ambushes a well-padded vehicle or several.

The five new one-day jobs will task players with tackling a series of metal-plated trucks travelling through downtown DC. Each features, as Overkill put it, “six wheels, 600 bhp of brute force and its own armoured escort with shoot-to-kill orders”. That’s the starting point for this Heat-tastic trailer:

The trucks will be attacked in various locations: including a harbour area, downtown parkland, and a highway underpass. The heist is designed to be quick and lucrative, and best played that way – but Overkill hint that opening every deposit box might lead to some key information on a “big out-of-town score”. Hmm!

Best of all, anybody can play the heists so long as the host owns the DLC. So you won’t necessarily have to buy Armoured Transport to raid it. There’s a catch, though: hangers-on won’t be in a position to enjoy the resulting “cool gear”.

One of the features Payday fans were itching for shortly after release were driveable getaway cars. Overkill have since dismissed them as an unlikely addition at this stage in development, so it seems a little insensitive to be making DLC about shot-up vehicles. Or perhaps it’ll be cathartic? What do you think?