Payday 2 nearly equals Payday lifetime sales in a month – and 80% of them were digital


Is 1.58m good? I suppose we’d have to take in the size of the studio, the month of release, the imminent new consoles, the state of the economy, the position of the moon. Better, perhaps, to simply watch Overkill Software and see how they’re reacting. Oh, they seem happy. Good.

Here’s the interesting bit: four in every five copies of Payday 2 sold since release were invisible.

Studio owners Starbreeze broke the news to investors yesterday. They didn’t divulge the split between PC, PS3 and Xbox – but it doesn’t seem too bold a hypothesis to suggest that the bulk of that 80% was shifted via Steam – where Payday 2 spent a little while hobnobbing with Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike in the top ten most-played list.

The game was profitable before release, and has very nearly toppled the lifetime sales of its predecessor in the month since – Payday: The Heist has sold 1.6m copies since October 2011.

“Thanks!”, tweeted game director David Goldfarb.

Funny, this, as publisher 505 Games told MCV in August that Payday 2 was “just too big for digital”. One imagines that, when the time comes for Payday 3, digital will be more than large enough to contain it.

Are you one of that 1.58 million? Our Tim found Payday 2 to be a very nice shooter indeed, if a bit crashy.