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Payday 2 video talks through how you will take all the money


The original Payday was a little rough around the edges but a great deal of fun. It took the AI director and co-op inclinations of Left 4 Dead and coupled them with bank robbery scenarios. The sequel will do more than simply polish up the rough edges of the first game, developer Overkill Software are adding a whole new RPG system to the rob’em’up and changing the manner in which the game can be played.

The RPG system sees you developing a character along one of four career paths, each with a set of unique skills that endorse a particular playstyle. This makes for a notable difference between this game and the original, stealth is now a viable option. A small indication of this is that you choose to put your mask on in a mission, meaning that you can enter banks fully visible to the security cameras if you think you can take the money without making a scene.

Another interesting change, one that is novel to see in what looks like an arcade shooter, is the weight of loot. It now affects your movement, slowing a character down, tilting their camera to show the way it’s pulling on your shoulder. You can also throw loot bags to your co-op companions. These are all quite nifty changes.

Payday 2 is due for release on 13 August.