Overkill bolster Payday 2 Steam community with in-game stretch rewards

Patriotic Payday 2.

If I told you there was going to be a Crimefest in October, would you come? Or would you plan to be away that weekend?

Overkill are hoping you’ll stick around for the Purge. They’re celebrating three years of Payday in three months’ time, and want to top up their Steam following some before then.

Think of it as a Kickstarted community: join up, and you’ll help unlock weapons, heists, playable characters, and free weekends come October.

A long community-gauge takes up several screens of the Crimefest site. The Payday 2 Steam community’s current membership sits at just under a million – but Overkill are hoping for 1,500,000 by the end.

Players have unlocked the first two of 13 community milestones: brass knuckles and a golden AK have already been added to the game.

Unreached goals include the Old Hoxton Breakout DLC for all, day/night options for certain Heists, and a new enemy type from GenSec (“You’ll shit bricks when you see it”). The final goal is TBA, however.

“C’mon people, you know us,” write Overkill. “We have to keep something secret.”

The future is less certain than it was for the Swedish developers. Payday 2 has done really rather well on Steam, but more recently lead designer and public figurehead David Goldfarb left Overkill to start his own indie (ad)venture.

Are you still heisting? By all accounts, the Battlefield Hardline beta failed to scratch that itch.