Payday 2 recruits a burglar to the team in new DLC

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The current big heist in Payday 2 comes as part of the latest DLC: The Diamond Heist. If you follow the game’s pulpy fiction, you’ll know that Irish crime lady Clover has a particular interest in the diamond at the centre of this job. Thanks to another DLC pack, she’s now a playable character, and brings her unique set of burglar skills to the game.

The Burglar can pick locks, bag bodies, and answer pagers faster than the other classes. They’re also harder to hit and recover from wounds faster, making them a pretty good survivor, although it sounds like they’re fairly squishy and thus a role for non-frontline gunners.

The DLC brings Clover’s UK weapon set to the game: an L85 assault rifle and a shillelagh (big stick). Plus, naturally, a hideous mask to add to your collection. This one’s got botox lips and clovers painted all over it. Tasteful.

The Clover Character Pack will set you back £3.99. If you want the Diamond Heist too in order to play the mission she’s designed for, then you’ll need to drop £4.99 on that too. Both DLC packs are available on Steam now, and come at a discount thanks to the Holiday Sale.