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Payday 2’s latest heist is a Goat Simulator crossover about the best animal to hide cocaine in

payday 2 goat simulator

You can probably guess which four-legged friend it is. For reasons known only to themselves, Payday 2 creators Overkill have decided to partner up with Goat Simulator for their latest level, weapon and cosmetic pack. With a new story all about smuggling class-A drugs through embedding them in goats then loading them onto a drunken pilot’s probably-illegal plane, The Goat Simulator Heist is nothing if not wacky.

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The trailer fails to explain any of this, but does have goats and the chaps from Payday, so here you go:

Meanwhile the official site is a lot more forthcoming with the details. Along with the aforementioned loose excuse for a plot, it lays out how you’ll actually get through, with the plane being one of two options, the other being a man ready to shove his hand all up in there and extract the goods. Brave soul. It’s also been revealed what you’ll get if you purchase the pack at $6.99 when it releases tomorrow:

  • The new 2-day heist
  • 1 new shotgun secondary weapon
  • 4 melee weapons
  • 4 masks
  • 4 patterns
  • 4 materials
  • 5 new achievements
  • 2 new songs by Simon Viklund

If goats horns, or an actual goat, aren’t featured as one of the melee weapons, I’ll retire immediately to become the best weapon designer videogames have ever known. There’s to be more details shown over the next couple of days, so keep your eyes on the site if you’re interested.