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Payday 2’s latest update revamps the Infamy system and adds a new heist

Payday 2's 200th update revamps the Infamy system, introduces a new mansion heist and adds new weapons to the game

Overkill’s co-operative bank heist shooter Payday 2 has received a big batch of content to celebrate the game’s two-hundredth update. The final chapter in the Silk Road saga is here, introducing a heist at Buluc’s mansion, an expanded Infamy system, and much more.

The Infamy system has been updated to version 3.0, allowing you to reach a new max level with more rewards as you progress. There are 40 new infamous rewards being added to this update, with 35 additional items being made available in a future patch. These infamy-exclusive rewards can be unlocked retroactively, so don’t worry if you’ve already made your way through the infamy ranks. There’s also a slight tweak to the skill set system so now the first skill set will be reset when deciding to go infamous. Your other skill sets will be suspended, but as you progress and earn skill points, these will slowly become unlocked.

Vlad has tasked your crew to take down Buluc and the rest of the Coyopa Cartel. Taking place during a costume party (what are the odds!), Buluc’s Mansion Heist gives you the option of going all guns blazing, or taking a slow and stealthy approach.

There’s also a host of new skins to enjoy thanks to the Tailor and Weapon Colour Packs, each priced at £2.09 / $2.99. We also have the Gunslinger Weapon Pack, priced at £2.09 / $2.99, which adds three new guns – the Bernetti Rangehitter Sniper Rifle, Reinfeld 88 Shotgun, and Frenchman Model 87 Revolver with an akimbo option.

The heist will set you back £5.19 / $6.99, or you can purchase the Buluc’s Mansion Bundle which includes everything for £7.23 / $9.99.

Finally, Spanish speakers will be pleased to know you can now select from European Spanish and Latin American Spanish in Payday 2’s language options. You can check out the full patch notes over on Steam.