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Payday 2’s Big Bank Heist trailer reveals the not so innocent life of a civilian

Payday 2 Civilian

Overkill Software have released a trailer telling the tale of a civilian in the middle of their upcoming Big Bank Heist DLC. It features the usual quad criminal gang of Dallas, Hoston, Wolf and Chains while they break into the vault. The whole thing is speechless, instead accompanied with a opera that fits almost all too well.

Here’s the trailer:

Lets break this down:

Our nameless civilian seems to be in the bank to try and start his own business: selling cute bobbleheads thatcoincidentallyare among some of the super-cops you face in Payday 2. The banker isn’t having any of it, leaving the poor guy with no money and understandably frustrated.

It’s no wonder then he decides to help the gang after he sees how easily they break into the vault. He wants his money, and he’s going to get it. Unfortunately – in his excited and adrenaline fueled body – he fumbles the wad of cash thrown to him and plummets to his death.

Moral of the story: don’t try to play hero or villain in a bank heist. The Big Bank Heist DLC is available on June 17th, and will be playable at this year’s E3.