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Payday 3 could be making a comeback following an update and a big sale

Payday 3 hemorrhaged players following its rough launch but a recent update and sale have brought more players than it's had in months.

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To say Payday 3 had a tumultuous launch would be an understatement. Its Steam reviews plummeted to mostly negative and people abandoned it for its predecessor – Payday 2 – following technical issues and reports of missing features. It seemed dead in the water but a recent update and the Steam Summer Sale seem to have revitalized the game. More players are heisting now than anytime in the last six months. Could this be the start of a comeback?

The Boys in Blue update came to Payday 3 Thursday June 27. The concurrent player count shot up from around 400 to 3,000, and while that number has petered off a bit at the time of writing the game is sitting at a respectable 1,156 players. This update includes a new, paid heist that has you stealing some illegally seized goods right out of a Bronx police station and it comes with some free goodies too.

A new heister, two weapons, three masks, 12 stickers, and a charm have been added to the online co-op FPS game for free, but the paid Boys in Blue heist looks like the star of the recent update. It really puts your skills to the test as you have to infiltrate a station full of corrupt cops who planted evidence in someone’s legitimate gold business so they could steal the precious bars for themselves. It’s your job to get right into the heart of the nest and grab the gold for yourselves.

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The game is also 50% off thanks to the Steam Summer Sale. From now until Thursday July 11 you can grab Payday 3 for its lowest ever price, $19.99 / £17.49, down from $39.99 / £34.99. The Boys in Blue heist costs $7.99 / £6.49. You can get Payday 3 for a steal over on Steam right here. In addition you can check out Steam DB to see just how well the game is doing now.

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If you’re still not sold on Payday 3, there are plenty of other co-op games out there for you to get stuck into – Helldivers 2 is my favorite at the moment. You could also play some multiplayer games if you’d rather be competitive.

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