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Payday: The Heist to get Wolfpack DLC; first trailer


In a new trailer, Overkill show that they’re working to flesh out the woefully small number of maps on offer in the original release of Payday: The Heist. The upcoming Wolfpack DLC will add two more levels and a handful of new weapons, but is that enough?

There are too few games that make me feel like Michael Mann has his calloused film maker’s hands running all over me. Thankfully, Payday added one to that number. But, with only four levels in the original release, in essence it was little but foreplay, falling short of satisfaction. So the news that two more heists are coming in the next DLC release has get me all hot under the cover and reaching for my copy of Heat.

The first level on display in the trailer is Counterfeit. It takes place in the suburbs surrounding a target house and the sewer system running beneath it. There’s also a shot of a safe spewing water from the cracks, suggesting a reference to the heist in The Score.

Following Counterfeit is Undercover. It’sdifficultto make out from the fast cuts, but it looks like you are escorting a cop you’ve discovered to be an undercover mole, using him to hack into the IRS server. There’s also a giant electromagnet, so there’s something for everyone to get behind.

Also bundled into the DLC is the addition of grenades, sentry turrets, and a few new guns – namely the AK47.