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Payday/Left 4 Dead crossover might be in the works again


The marriage between Payday and Left 4 Dead last year was almost inevitable. How could you not crossover two games with such blatant similarities, especially when their narrative tones hit the sweet spot of ‘mental’. Bank robbers and zombie-infected blood samples? Yeah, why not. Roll on one year, throw in the massive success of a Payday sequel that’s more than twice the game it’s predecessor was, and you’ve got to ask the question: “Why not again?”

It’s something Payday 2’s director David Goldfarb has asked himself. He seems to be confident the team will be doing it again. 

Talking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Goldflarb explained how the original concept came together. “The story I heard is that the [original Payday developers and Valve] met at GDC. they hit it off, and they were like “Hey, why don’t we do a crossover?” and I think they was a mutual agreement. And we just sort of did the Mercy Hospital stuff and Valve was super cool about it.”

He’s clearly very happy about No Mercy. Perhaps so happy with it he’d like to give the crossover treatment to his own Payday 2? “I’m sure we will be doing another thing, but I can’t say what that is. Yet.”

Tantilizing. It’s not the definitive “Yes we’re doing it” we’d like to hear, but being sworn to silence suggests that there’s something happening. Another Payday/Left 4 Dead crossover? A crossover with another game completely? Imagine robbing banks with portals….