PayPal spills the beans on the Steam Autumn sale; starts November 26th

PayPall Steam Autumn Sale

An email rolling round to PayPal users has revealed details on the upcoming annual Steam Autumn sale. The sale will start on Wednesday November 26th, and end on Monday December 1st.

While Steam hasn’t officially announced the Autumn sale dates, you can probably trust PayPal on their word.

The details came in the form of an email announcement, advertising PayPal as a medium to buy Steam Wallet codes:

PayPall Steam Autumn Sale 2

The sale will provide a good opportunity to stock up on some early Christmas presents for friends and family; you can be sure to pick up your copy of Secret of the Magical Crystals for those blasphemous friends that don’t own it yet.

It might also be a good idea to wait until November 28th to make any big purchases, as Black Friday usually brings with it some more noteworthy discounts.

Cheers VG247!