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The PC builder bluffer's guide - all the info you need to convince the world of your tech cred: Page 9



Get to know your rodent with our handy guide. It’s not necessarily worthwhile to go out and buy a laser mouse with 16000 DPI just because it’s touted as the best by a sponsored esports master.

Unless you are masquerading as an esports master, in which case, no one will believe you without some quality mouse knowledge, and that’s where our guide comes in.

  • Laser sensor: These sensors bounce laser light off a surface to measure the distance travelled. It offers higher DPI ratings and works on any surface, but requires acceleration to translate the motion of the device to movement on the screen.
  • Optical sensor: A cheaper, more consistent sensor, using infrared light. That means they need a mousemat for reliable use, but provide 1:1 tracking. Traditionally they offered lower DPI settings, but that is increasingly a thing of the past as the very best sensors are now optical based.
  • DPI/CPI: Dots per inch and counts per inch, this is how the mouse measures how precisely it can track movement. Some mice can change DPI on-the-fly with specific buttons.
  • Ambidextrous: Left-handed interchangeable support or entirely usable out of the box for either hand use.
  • Switches: Mice can feature mechanical key switches for improved tactile feel and response.

Best MMO mouse runner-up - Roccat Nyth

  • Claw grip: Someone who holds the mouse with the tips of their fingers and the palm is elevated.
  • Palm grip: Someone who holds the mouse with their palm resting entirely on the rear of the mouse.
  • 2.4GHz wireless: Wireless connection. Offers a more stable connection to Bluetooth alone.
  • Bluetooth: Wireless connection. Offers a shorter, less stable connection to than radio-based wireless, but can often be connected to more devices.
  • Sniper button: Quick DPI change button, found on FPS mice to slow down sensitivity to improve accuracy when aiming.

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