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Maximise your gaming PC performance with new FPS Monitor app

The new PC gaming app from PCGameBenchmark makes it easy to track your in-game frame rates, compare system requirements, and see what components need upgrading.

PC Game Benchmark FPS Monitor app - a PC monitor with Doom Eternal running on it, with an FPS counter graph and the Doom Marine on either side of the screen

Making sure your gaming PC is up to scratch with the latest and greatest gaming hardware is something every PC gamer should keep an eye on – whether you’re an expert builder and tweaker or relatively new to the platform. Fortunately, a new app from the folks behind PCGameBenchmark helps you easily ensure your system matches up to requirements for all the upcoming games you’ve got your eye on, and easily see which components might be holding you back.

Whether you’re waiting on the Starfield release date, hoping to crank up all your settings to max and scare your socks off in the Dead Space Remake, or simply trying to stack as many of the best Skyrim mods onto your game as possible before the wheels come careening off, it’s good to keep track of your system performance. Being able to easily track frame rates, compare your PC setup to system requirements, and see where you might benefit most from an upgrade will ensure you have the most enjoyable time possible, whatever you play.

You might already have made use of our sister site PCGameBenchmark to check PC specs against the requirements for the latest and greatest games on PC. Your life is about to get even easier, though, thanks to a new tool from the fine folks at PCGameBenchmark aimed at ensuring you’re getting the most out of your gaming PC setup.

The app in question is called PC Game Benchmark – FPS Monitor, and it’s essentially a one-stop shop for everything you need to check how well your PC is performing against games on the fly, as well as helping you find suitable games for your setup and pick out what components might be holding you back.

The PC Game Benchmark – FPS Monitor app tracks your frame rates as you play, and uses its ‘post-match insights’ to measure how your system is handling demanding games, showing how stable your performance is with graphical breakdowns. It can quickly compare your PC to both minimum and recommended system requirements of all the best PC games that everyone is talking about, and will helpfully point to which components in your PC are likely to be causing any potential performance problems.

If that sounds good to you, you can get PC Game Benchmark – FPS Monitor for free via Overwolf and start putting your PC to the test today.