Your PC gaming weekend: win an indie puzzle game, prepare for the Shadow of War, see Dawn of War 3’s coolest units, and more!

PC gaming weekend

The weekend is upon us again, looming like a demanding black hole. “Fill me with fun times and joyful play!” it says, upon which you’re (possibly) legally obliged to. But how do you fill a 48-hour period with good times? PC games, that’s how. 

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Not sure where to get started? Let PCGamesN be your guide. We’ve got plenty of ideas on how to fill your weekend with videogames and make it the best two days of your recent existence. Yes, even better than the time when you and your friends discovered an alien in your backyard and embarked on a journey that emphasised the importance of love, friendship, scary men with walkie-talkies, and a flying bike.

Win a game in our Exit giveaway – we’ve got 50 copies to give away!
Frustrated by puzzle games that rely on luck or the dexterity of a peak athlete? Then you need Exit. It promotes logical reasoning over any other kind of skill or chance, which means a sharp mind is all you’ll need to help guide four balls into their respective exit holes. The game features 40 hours worth of gameplay, meaning you’ll still have two hours to spare if you marathon it this weekend.

Break the bank and buy a Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti
It’s finally here: Nvidia have created a graphics card to beat the Titan X, and it’s cheaper too. We’ve put it to the test, forcing it through the most rigorous challenges a GPU can endure, and have a full review for you to read. Spoiler: it’s a real winner.

Be awestruck by Dawn of War III’s multiplayer
We’ve had our concerns about Dawn of War III for a while, but this week we discovered that perhaps there’s nothing to worry about. The latest Warhammer 40k RTS has an incredibly fun multiplayer, with some of the coolest tabletop units brought to life in brutal glory.

Start planning your orc armies for Middle-earth: Shadow of War
Warner Bros. have finally lifted the veil on Shadow of War, the long-awaited sequel to Shadow of Mordor. The Nemesis system is back, and it’s even more advanced and ambitious than ever. No longer just about personal grudge matches, it now involves friendships, heroics, and betrayals from your own orc followers. Oh, and even fortresses you can take command of.

Get clued up on the characters of Quake Champions
As we draw ever closer to the Quake Champions beta (due to start sometime this year), we’re gradually learning more about the character roster. There are five confirmed so far, among them Visor, Ranger, and Nyx. We’re still in the dark about many aspects, but this week we got the full data packet on Nyx, along with a brand new trailer showing off her sweet ghost walking abilities.

See if Ghost Recon Wildlands runs on your PC
It’s only been a few weeks since For Honor, but Ubisoft have yet another game out this week. Ghost Recon Wildlands takes you and a group of co-op friends to the drug-fuelled lands of Bolivia for some gun-toting thrills. But is it any good on PC? Our tech analysis extensively details how it runs and what kind of issues you’ll face.

Don’t buy a Nintendo Switch, because it’s not as good as a PC
Were you tempted to pick up a certain games console this weekend? Well stop right there and put that credit card away. You don’t need it. No, that Zellweger game isn’t the second coming. Know what is? Your PC. And you already have one of those! Resident truth-teller Simon Miller has all the reasons why computers beat the Switch in our video.

Steel Division: Normandy 44

Be intrigued by Steel Division: Normandy 44
Remember RUSE’s unique spin on World War 2 strategy? Well developers Eugen Systems are back with a similarly distinct approach to commanding tanks, paratroopers, and artillery on the battlefields of northern France. We’ve got the first details on how the developers are recreating D-Day and beyond, with dedicated attention being paid to historical accuracy.

Prepare yourself for Mass Effect: Andromeda with our combat guide
The days are counting down until EA and BioWare unleash Mass Effect: Andromeda on the world, so it’s time to get prepared for some space fights. Our combat guide is a masterclass in RPG roles and what’s changed in the art of shooting aliens since Shepard dispatched the Reapers back in 2012.

Discover that CCG Elder Scrolls Legends is more like Skyrim than you think
It’s easy to think that collectable card game Elder Scrolls Legends is a quick cash-in based on the popularity of Hearthstone, but it’s more than that. Designed by a director with 20 years of card game experience, Legends features stealth mechanics and a story mode that’s canon to the Elder Scrolls lore. It’s far more than throwaway fluff.

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And that’s us wrapped up for another weekend. We’re not going anywhere, of course, but we understand you need to do some gaming now. Have fun, but don’t forget to visit every so often, yeah?

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