Your PC gaming weekend: get away with murder in free game The Deed, ready yourself for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and more!

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If you scan the planetary body drifting inexorably our way, you’ll discover that it’s the weekend – a vast landscape waiting to be filled with PC gaming content. As your onboard PC gaming content adviser, we’re happy to provide you with all the materials you need.

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As you might have guessed, this has been the week of Mass Effect: Andromeda. It’s not out ‘til Tuesday 21st, but we’ve had a mess around with the multiplayer and can tell you exactly what to expect on release day. Beyond that, there’s our verdict on Ghost Recon Wildlands and the return to a very different sort of galaxy to Andromeda’s – No Man’s Sky.

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There aren’t many opportunities to get away with murder, but this adventure RPG about a bloody inheritance dispute provides one. Arran Bruce returns to Dunshiel House, his birthright, to discover that he’s been disinherited. Bruce decides to right this wrong by “disinherit[ing] his sister from life itself” – actual Steam page quote. Getting away with it is the trick.

Ride the wave with our Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer guide

You won’t have to rely on Mass Effect: Andromeda’s companions for fulfilling company – you can play the co-op multiplayer mode with three friends, seeing off waves of enemies across a spectrum of missions. For all the details on levelling, customisation and characters, read on.

Find out if Ghost Recon Wildlands is the covert op for you

Sicarios are everywhere, and they’re not the only cons in Ubisoft’s new open-world tactical shooter. Writer Ed Smith had plenty of gripes about Wildlands, which he detailed in full in his Ghost Recon review. Bolivia is beautiful, at least, so that’s something.

See if it’s time to go back to No Man’s Sky

Since its divisive release in August, No Man’s Sky has seen an explosion in brave new ideas and systems. Have Hello Games succeeded in filling up this slightly empty, if meditative, space sim? We returned to the cockpit to find out.

No Man's Sky gameplay

Take an early peek at the Diablo III Necromancer class

It seems unfathomable that Diablo III wouldn’t have a class called a Necromancer already, but here we are, a few months out (as far as we can tell) from getting just that. She’s sarcastic, cruel and has a way with a Blood Golem.

Does tether-free VR work? We’ve put Zotac VR GO to the test

VR: an innovation that asks you to put on a blindfold in a room full of capables. Wouldn’t it be lovely to get rid of the trip hazards? That’s the promise of Zotac’s VR backpack. We strapped in to find out if it could deliver.

Kick the tires of the new go-karts destined for Planet Coaster

PAX East brought news of Planet Coaster’s spring update, which will be filled with bouncy new rides: big wheels, 360-degree spinners and the game’s first go-kart track – a charming little customisable number named Speed.

Planet Coaster spring update

Find out when you can start playing Nier: Automata

It’s not just Andromeda that’s offering existential angst and scrapes with robots in the next week. Platinum’s strange and stylish Nier: Automata is here, and we’ve got the times it unlocks in each region.

Ogle the $1 million prize pool for Krakow’s CS:GO Major

Valve have announced the details of the huge Counter-Strike tournament. The final will be held at the Tauron Arena in Krakow, Poland, where players will shoot each other up for a share of a cool million.

Play Mass Effect: Andromeda at the earliest possible moment

A 10 hour EA Access preview of the new Mass Effect has been out in the wild, spawning gifs, for a day or two now. Here’s when you can expect to be donning the guise of Ryder sibling for the full game.

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That’s your lot for another weekend. We’ll be back next Friday, but remember to check back for plenty of Andromeda coverage in the meantime.