Your PC gaming weekend: win a survival game, flirt with aliens in Mass Effect, drive cars in No Man’s Sky, and more!

PC gaming weekend

It’s Friday night, and the feeling’s right. And that feeling is videogames. Sweet, sweet videogames. Yes, the weekend is here, and it’s time for a solid 48 hours of play for many of you. 

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Unsure how to fill the next two days with PC games? Fear not, dear readers, for we’ve got a few ideas of our own that will make sure your weekend is just the greatest. Yes, even greater than the time when your long-forgotten arch nemesis kidnapped your children and you had to return to Neverland in order to both save them and reclaim your past, thus ensuring you’ll never be a bore again…

Win an indie game in our Sunset Rangers giveaway – we’ve got codes for 50 winners!
We know you’re hyped for Red Dead Redemption 2, but that’s not out for aaagggeees. Satisfy your western cravings right now with Sunset Rangers, a sandbox survival game set in the ol’ west. There’s six shooters aplenty, and things out beyond the frontier more terrifying than even the most scarred gang leader…

Get clued up on Mass Effect: Andromeda
Bioware’s brand new installment in the Mass Effect series warped in this week, and we’ve been immersed in its shooty, shiny, and sexy universe for dozens of hours. You can find out if we think it’s worth buying in our review, and check out how it performs in our analysis of the PC port.

Discover Hearthstone’s new Tol’vir Warden card
Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’goro expansion is fast approaching, and we’ve got the lowdown on one of its fresh new cards. Take a read and watch our video where we talk about what situations Tol’vir Warden will excel in.

Find out if the new AMD Ryzen 7 1800X processor is the new king of CPUs

Much fuss has been made over AMD’s new Ryzen processors, and how they’ll tip the balance of the current CPU market. Initial reports suggested they may not be all shiny and gold, though. We had to find out for ourselves, starting with our extensive review of the 1800X.

Learn how Amazon and Twitch are getting smarter and making games fun to watch
Amazon are hoping to make it big in the world of games. They’ve bought Twitch, and now have their own development studios and engine. But where do they go from here? We spoke to Amazon Games’ vice president to find out their plans for the future of streaming games.

Debate whether Heroes of the Storm needs to change business model
Blizzard normally take the world by storm with every game they make, but their spin on MOBAs didn’t spark quite as bright. Do they need to change the business model for Heroes of the Storm? Our Ben has his own thoughts, but what do you think?

Discover that Ruiner is one of your most anticipated games of the year
You loved Hotline Miami, right? Imagine the brutal speed of that in beautiful, neon red-soaked 3D. Ruiner is the Akira game you’ve always wanted, and it’s coming to PC. We’ve played it and can’t wait for its release.


Race against no-one in No Man’s Sky
No Man’s Sky has been upgraded with a variety of new building tools. Among them are components that can be used to make racing tracks. They’re a neat new addition, but is racing in lonely space fun? We sent a digital cosmonaut to find out.

Make a wishlist of Overwatch characters who should be in Heroes of the Storm
Heroes of the Storm picks characters from every Blizzard game for its roster. As huge fans of Overwatch, we’ve got a few characters we want (see: need) to appear in the hero brawler. Take a look at our picks and suggest your own.

Cosy up with your paramour thanks to our Mass Effect romance guide
We know Mass Effect is supposed to be about the discovery of brave new worlds and the destruction of evil, but that’s not what we or you are interested in, right? Nope, it’s all about the banging. Flirt your way to victory with our guide to who can be your space boy/girlfriend.

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That’s everything for this Friday, but we’re not done yet. We’ll have plenty more hot PC games news across the weekend, and we’ll all be back with new features, reviews, and videos come Monday. The ever-spinning cycle of videogames, eh?

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