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Your PC gaming weekend: win a Dawn of War 3 beta key, survive in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and more!

PC gaming weekend

Time to crack out the vuvuzelas and wave those flags. The weekend is here, and that’s a good enough excuse for a celebration. And how do we celebrate? With PC games, of course. Not planned your gaming weekend yet? We’ve got a few suggestions.

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We’ve got fifteen ideas to make your weekend better than all the rest. Yes, even better than the time when you had to prove to a grumpy police major that there really was something strange going on down at the beach, a task that eventually led to you realising that you definitely needed a bigger boat…

Win a beta key for Dawn of War III – we’ve got five to give away
Last week was all about the olde worlde Warhammer fantasy, but this week we’re heading to the 41st millennium for our Games Workshop kicks. Relic are holding the Dawn of War III multiplayer beta this weekend, and we’ve got five keys for it. Want in? Be quick, the giveaway ends at 10am BST on Saturday 8th, so there’s not long to enter!

Get briefed on EVE Valkyrie’s new Groundrush mode
CCP have stuck to the inky black of space for the majority of EVE’s lifetime, but they’re returning to Dust-like territory with Groundrush, the planetside-set new mode for Valkyrie. This game type takes places among the valleys, tunnels, and buildings of a planet’s surface, and we’ve seen it first-hand at EVE Fanfest in Iceland.

Watch us interview Jeff Kaplan from the Overwatch team
In an incredibly special episode of Overwatch This, we chat with Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan about his behemoth shooter. For an entire 40 minutes Kaplan answers questions about the PTR, advancements in the overarching story, and what we can expect to see in the forthcoming King’s Row Uprising event.

Decide if you’ll play Yooka-Laylee this weekend
It’s one of the most anticipated Kickstarter projects to date, promising backers and fans that it will recreate the magic of old-school N64 platformers like Banjo-Kazooie. But does Yooka-Laylee get the right nostalgia fires burning? We gave it the review treatment to let you know if this bat and lizard combo is worth your time.

Discover how Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is making consoles more like PCs
This week saw the specs of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio console revealed to the world, and it’s true: they’re making a 4K console. But what does that mean? Well, considering the hardware inside and that it’s basically an upgraded Xbox One, it means that consoles are PCs now. Our hardware expert Dave explains why Scorpio doesn’t need Ryzen or Vega to be a success.

Find out how Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s ambitious cutscenes are made
We love a good lavish cutscene, and it looks like medieval sandbox RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance is really delivering on that front. Motion captured actors, humour-laced scripts, and – best of all – the one and only Brian Blessed in the cast. One of the most anticipated PC games just got a little more exciting.

Learn how not to play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Battlegrounds has taken Steam by storm, capturing the attention of many a soldier who’s looking to prove that they’re the very best at this last-man-standing battle royale. We’ve naturally been exploring the grounds ourselves, and have a variety of suggestions of things that you really should not do if you’re hoping to survive.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tips

Apply for a new job right here at PCGamesN
Are you an experienced journalist? We’ve got two job vacancies here at PCGN, and we’re looking for the very best candidate. For those with special skills in grammar and language, perhaps being our production editor is your next career step? And if you’ve been an editor in the past and fancy joining our ship, we’re in need of a deputy editor.

Read what DayZ creator Dean Hall has to say about survival games in 2017
Dean Hall’s essentially responsible for kick-starting the survival game craze on PC, but how does he feel about the phenomenon he helped to create now a few years have passed? We caught up with the DayZ designer to discuss the state of survival and his current projects.

Laugh at Simon Miller’s opinion on survival games
Our regular guest star Simon Miller has some very strong opinions on survival games. Indeed, it’s an opinion with more muscle than the man himself. Survival games are literally killing PC gaming, he argues. See him elegantly explain himself in this video, and don’t forget to take him as deadly seriously as he intends you to.

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