100 reasons to buy a PC instead of a console

You’ve got a pocket full of cash and your eye on some games, but before that you need something to play those games on. You could buy a console, but that would be the wrong choice. Or you could buy a PC, which would be the right choice for oh-so-many reasons. 

We would say that, though, wouldn’t we? We’re not called XboxGamesN. If we haven’t convinced you yet, look below and read 100 reasons to buy a PC instead of a console. You can trust us.

PCs are more powerful

Stuck in generation cycles, designed by committee, consoles can’t compete with the power of PCs. You decide what you want to get out of your rig, not a manufacturer, so it can be as big and beefy as you want it to be.

PCs are more powerful than consoles

Okay, not every PC. The banged up old desktop in your garage with the duo-core processor and 7900GT GPU isn’t going to be competing with a PS4. A modern, mid tier gaming PC will leave it in the dust, though.

There is no real limit to how powerful you can make your PC

Want to shove in some more RAM? How about spending a big chunk of change on two GTX 980s? Maybe a graphics card with more VRAM? Manufacturers are churning out bigger and better bits of hardware and software all the time. With money to pour into your obsession, it's always possible to stay ahead of the curve. You can build rigs of the future, right now, prepared to take advantage of things like 4K gaming, which is still in its infancy.

Say goodbye to generations

In five years, potentially half-way through the current console cycle, the innards of the Xbox One and PS4 will be five years out of date. But the PC is a platform constantly in the process of evolving. PC developers are not limited by old technology and are thus able to offer games that would not be possible on consoles.

Expensive PCs are exponentially more powerful that consoles

While big console games dodder around at 30fps and 900p, PC enthusiasts with high end setups are able to enjoy 4K displays at a reasonable (though reduced) frame rate. These monster PCs being built by those with lots of money to burn make consoles look positively Stone Age.

GPU manufacturers are already planning for the future

4K support is still pretty small, and not that many people are able to enjoy those 8 million pixels, but Nvidia and AMD are already planning for 8K. “For the human eye that resolution is close to perfection,” they say. The quest to create more powerful hardware and games than can make the most out of it is one that isn’t slowing down.


PCs are better value

There’s a good chance you’ll end up spending more on a PC than you would on a console, though less than you might think. But you’ll get more out of it, have a system that can be tweaked and upgraded and you’ll probably spend less money on games, too. 

Cheap PCs are better than consoles

You can build a respectable PC that matches the PS4 or Xbox One for around £400, and pushing your bank account another £100 or so will get you what you need to outperform the consoles. Not everyone’s a builder, though, and going through a PC building service will cost a bit more.

PC games are cheaper

New AAA games might still be a bit pricey, but on PC you can expect to pick them up for about £10 less than their console counterparts. For every three games you get for you PS4 or Xbox One, you can get four on PC. There’s a bit more parity with indie games, though.


So, PC games tend to be cheaper than their console counterparts, but it’s the discounts that are most noteworthy. Seasonal sales get pretty crazy, with digital distribution sites flinging dirt-cheap games around like confetti. Actually, confetti’s probably more expensive.

Humble Bundles

Humble Bundles offer up collections of games that you can pay any price you fancy for. They tend to be sets of indie games with similar themes, but over the years larger companies have pitched in and given away big-name titles. The more you chip in, the more games you can grab, and you can even donate all the money to a lovely charity if you’d like. 

There’s an abundance of digital platforms and shops

Steam, Origin, GOG, Uplay - some are loved, others reviled, but at least there’s no dearth of options. They make it easy to manage your game library and frequently host some of the absurd aforementioned discounts. 

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Shriven avatarFraser Brown avatarxNuke avatarBelimawr avatarsomebody336 avatarNeurosploit avatar+6
somebody336 Avatar
2 Years ago

The biggest feature of the PC is a mix of mods and backwards compatibility for me. Playing 21 year old Doom in full HD while using the Brutal Doom mod with updated music is just too epic to describe in words :p

Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

Yep. Two Words.

"Dungeon Keeper".


Fraser Brown Avatar
2 Years ago

The other 99 reasons are just window dressing.

xNuke Avatar
2 Years ago


Neurosploit Avatar
2 Years ago

Downsides: Modding skyrim perfectly becomes a mastery of its own. Spent 4 hours yesterday to find the perfect loading order for the 100+ addons I run with. But when you do it's perfect.

Fraser Brown Avatar
2 Years ago

Yeah, the last time I reinstalled Skyrim, I set aside the entire day for mods. I found stuff like Nexus Mod Manager, Mod Organizer and BOSS made sorting out the load order a bit easier.

NihlusGreen Avatar
2 Years ago

#87 If one online service goes down there are alternatives

Drunkenstein Avatar
2 Years ago

I have nothing against any of these reasons.

XRuneArtX Avatar
1 Year ago

i moded all my games after i beat them and now i can't beat them any more woohoo i can't be bored anymore with consoles yea screw them

kyuuketsuki47 Avatar
11 Months ago

I'm disappointed that Racing Sims wasn't touched upon here. Sure consoles have Forza and Gran Turismo, but the racing sim collection on PC is just vastly superior. From Assetto Corsa to iRacing and everything in between... The Racing Sim offerings on PC are unreal... or rather they are so real if you have the right set up you might feel like you are actually on a race track.

ChefTicles Avatar
2 Years ago

No Sony exclusives on PC, no pure Nintendo joy on PC. I may predominantly be a PC gamer, but there's no reason why anybody shouldn't buy a console. I own a variety of consoles from over 30 years of playing video games. From my beloved Atari 2600 right through to a PS4. I've been custom building PC's since the mid 90's and I'm of no mind to just solely stick to PC gaming, this kind of article is reductive, there are positives to gaming on all platforms.

Belimawr Avatar
2 Years ago

just a couple of points, price isn't as far apart as you think unless you are buying day one, but even then supermarkets tend to sell close to the price steam and other digital store fronts would gouge for the PC version since most developers are pushing for PC games to go to £50+ luckily stores like Amazon exist to inject the market with some common sense selling these games considerably cheaper.


on the VR front, Sony has Morpheus due out at some time and already has movement tracking through the camera so it's not that far apart in terms of features. but the fact is it is still just another fad that will come and go like 3D.


since you brought up Nvidia shield you should also bring up the Xperia Z3 range (altho the feature has extended to the Z2 and will possibly go further) that allows for remote use of the PS4 using a DS4 pad, meaning ultimately it actually does it better since you are exchanging identical controls, not to mention the seamless transition if you need to walk away from the console.


so while your points are good in theory despite having the same point multiplied several times, there is a level of this post choosing to ignore things that would go against your own points.

Amox Avatar
1 Year ago

Do you know how much No Man's Sky costs in my country? 60$ for PS4 and 25$for PC. Except some AAA Titles. Most of the games are available for 30 $ or less while Witcher 3 is selling for 10 Bucks. How is that pushing 50 plus GBP.

Secondly. There are a lot of ways Nvidia and AMD Cards can push pixels to your phone and you can play remotely while taking a dump. So your point is invalid again.

Third. Is PS VR out yet. Nope. Will the old PS4 hardware be able to maintain good framerates and resolutions on large titles with VR when it can't even do it properly now. You will need a brand new console for 350 to 400 bucks which will be the PS4 Neo. Anyone who has a pc running Haswell, Skylake or even Sandy and Ivy Bridge can just pop in a 200$ card and easily play without bottlenecks with VR (Not the i3 and pentiums ofc)

One point of yours i will except is that VR is just a phase and it will go in 5 years.

So what my point is that #PCMasterRace