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The PC wins E3, objectively speaking


Do you like sports? That’s how the North Americans ask it, isn’t it? I don’t know much about sports, the generalised couch-based concept, but I do know that E3 is the worst of ‘em. The rules are clear as dishwater, and this year’s competition played host to some of the most uncharismatic no-lympians ever fielded.

Still: somebody has to win, don’t they? In 2013, the Xbox One walked away with 10 awards, and the PS4 with four. But both were edged out by that third next-gen console, the PC.

Which is a bit funny, really, as the last thing anybody with a stage seemed to want to do was mention the PC. Perhaps they were scared? In any case, our fair platform collected a total of 11 awards, thereby scientifically proving it to be the best games machine forever and ever amen.

Curiously, it was Worst Company in the World EA that took the title in the publisher category, and newcomers Respawn Entertainment who claimed the vast majority of game awards for Titanfall. So keep those salt cellars handy.

Still: what else can we expect when the best the console owners can do is say: “Those indie games you’ve got on the PC? We’ve got some of them too”? Only Ubisoft’s promising plague-ridden open world, The Division, had us gnashing our canines in noisy opposition to console exclusivity – and even that might see a PC port down the line.

In short: s’all good here.

Thanks, Game Critic Awards.